Kulak Hastalıkları Tedavisi Cerrahisi

Temmuz 6, 2018

Meniere’s Disease and Treatment

The most important sign of Meniere’s disease is dizziness attacks that occur in certain periods. The cause of this increase in pressure in the fluids of […]
Temmuz 6, 2018

Autosclerosis Treatment

Otosclerosis: Otosclerosis, also known as middle-inner ear calcification, is one of the common causes of hearing loss. Otosclerosis, known as calcification of the inner ear, is […]
Temmuz 6, 2018

Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo disorder is more often used to describe dizziness and describes a real rotational rotation in a person (rotation of the environment and/or the person himself). […]
Temmuz 6, 2018

Treatment of Facial Paralysis Izmir

Yüz kaslarının tamamının, olması gerektiği şekilde hareket ettirilememesi durumudur. Yüzde bulunan, sinirsel iletimi sağlayan liflerin zedelenmeleri sonucunda meydana gelir. Zedelenen sinir lifleri sonucunda yüz felci meydana […]
Temmuz 6, 2018

Age-Related Hearing Loss

With age, destruction begins in the cells that allow us to hear in the inner ear, and/or in the auditory nerve and/or brain cells. Age-related hearing […]
Temmuz 6, 2018

External Ear Infection

An external ear infection refers to inflammation, irritation, or inflammation of the outer ear and external auditory canal. The disease is also known as swimmer’s ear […]
Temmuz 6, 2018

Ear Wax

What Is Earwax ? The scientific name of earwax is cerumen. It is produced by the sweat gland in the outermost part of the ear canal, […]
Temmuz 6, 2018

Middle Ear Infection Treatment

Middle ear infection / Otitis media(middle ear inflammation) usually develops due to bacteria. If this inflammation has just devloped it is known as acute suppurative otitis […]
Temmuz 5, 2018

Sudden Hearing Loss and Treatment Methods

>Treatment and Surgery of Ear Diseases Sudden Hearing Loss and Treatment Methods Stress is a common condition in patients with sudden hearing loss. Along with sudden […]
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