Burun Hastalıkları Tedavisi Cerrahisi

Aralık 27, 2018

Tonsil and Adenoid Surgery With Thermal Welding

Tonsils, are the name given to structures located on both sides of the throat area. They serve to block the entry of all kinds of bacteria […]
Temmuz 9, 2018

Sinusitis Treatment and Symptoms

In general, there are two types of sinusitis, acute and chronic. Acute sinusitis means newly formed sinusitis, and with proper treatment, it can be completely cured. […]
Temmuz 9, 2018

Cold and Flu

Diseases that are especially common during the transition from summer to winter months are caused by the sudden occurrence of heat exchange. The upper respiratory tract […]
Temmuz 9, 2018

Nasal Polyps Treatment and Surgery

Nasal polyps usually do not give a lot of symptoms unless they block the sinus mouths and reach large sizes. But if they block the sinus […]
Temmuz 9, 2018

Nasal Fracture Surgery

The bone that is most damaged by trauma to the face as a result of an accident is the nasal bone. The fracture is more often […]
Temmuz 9, 2018

Nasal Bone Curvature

In cases of nasal bone curvature disorders, it is necessary to identify the causes that cause nasal congestion. In these pathological conditions in the nose, it […]
Temmuz 9, 2018

Nosebleed Treatment

Altough nosebleeds can occur for simple reasons, they can also be a harbinger of diseases that can be life-threatening. Nosebleeds are divided into front and rear […]
Temmuz 6, 2018

Allergics Rhinitis Treatment

Allergic rhinitis may last for life. However, its severity may decrease at an advanced age. The disease manifests itself most often during the pollen season. Allergic […]
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